Alice – CKC x Poodle/Bichon ?


2 Year Old Female

CKC x Poodle/Bichon?

Alice is a beautiful girl but knows nothing of life in a home having been used for breeding. She is a scared and shut down girl trying to be brave but petrified of almost everything and everyone. She will need new owners who are around for most of the day and have experience with rehabilitating nervous dogs, preferably ex breeders. Alice MUST be re homed with at least one other similar sized gentle and kind resident dog who will be happy to show her the way and that life as a dog is to be enjoyed.

Alice is nervous and hand-shy, she will lie on the sofa or bed with you but does not like being touched or cuddled and just freeze and goes into shut down mode if you try. As she has not lived in a home before, she will have accidents and is not house trained. Her foster is working on her house training with her but as Alice does not like going outside this is a work in progress.  She also is not used to walking on lead, and although her foster mum is again working with her on this and Alice is starting to get used to wearing a harness she is still very scared of having a lead attached to it and does not currently go for walks. This training will need to continue in her new home until she feels comfortable and confident to enjoy her walks.

As she knows nothing of life in the home any children should be older (12 +) and able to understand when and why she is fearful.

A kind and positive approach are what Alice needs to enable her to move forward and learn all about life as a much loved pet. Potential adopters will need to understand that Alice will require a lot of patience to move her forward out of her shut down state to a place where she is able to trust and relax. She is not a “ready made” dog but the reward will be huge once this girl bonds with you and trusts you.

Alice has been neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped and is currently being fostered in Leighton Buzzard

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