Archie – Cocker cross Poodle *Updated


11 Month Old Male

Cocker cross Poodle

Archie needs an active and experience home, he is an energetic lad who has had a troubled past,  He has made phenomenal progress with his fosters and is now ready for his new home to take the reins and continue with his training.  In return you will be rewarded with a loyal energetic companion who will do all he can to make you smile.  He loves water and has had a great time splashing about in his pool.

He sleeps well at night, is fully housetrained, has a great appetite and really loves his toys and exercise. The value of plenty of walks, off lead exercise and socialisation in a dog of this young age cannot be understated.

When Archie came in to Pro Dogs he displayed aggressive guarding of toys and things he could snatch and grab that he thought he should be able to have as toys and he would bite without thought. However, much of this behaviour came from previous over use of crating  and insufficient exercise. Archie’s behaviour was borne out of frustration and a complete lack of appropriate stimulation and training. He is now a much happier boy and a joy to have around with no signs of the old Archie.

Prospective owners must keep in mind he is still a puppy and therefore needs lots of attention, exercise, stimulation and training. He knows a lot of commands already and his recall is great off-lead. He needs toys, toys and more toys as he happily plays all day. Archie is under socialised and therefore unsure of other dogs when out and about but he does not cause any problems and just needs to continue to build his confidence and be less nervous in the meet and greet.

He is currently being fostered in Hastings East Sussex, Archie has been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, groomed and flea treated and is ready to go to his forever home. Ideally this would be someone who is around most of the time. Due to his past behaviour, Archie is not suitable for a home with children. He could be the only dog in the household but if homed with another dog, they would need to keep up with his youthful staying power.  He will need owners experienced with this breed and their needs.  His foster has worked wonders with him and we would like new owners who are able to continue this

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