Belles- Ex Racing Greyhound – RESERVED



3 Year Old Female

Ex Racing Greyhound

Fostered in Maidstone Kent

Belles has clearly suffered and came into us as an emergency facing being euthanised due to her injuries and the cost to treat her.  We apologise for the terrible pictures, we know they are distressing.  This girl didn’t deserve to die because she had been injured.  What else were we to do but say yes and get her seen by our amazing vets straight away.  Belles was attacked by other dogs and the damage to her was extensive.

She has been operated on and has had all the dead tissue and debris removed, it was a long and extensive surgery due to the nature of her wounds.  We are lucky that our vets operated as soon as we could get her too them.  She is receiving pain medication, antibiotics and lots of vet checks to ensure all is progressing well.  Her injuries will take some time to heal, we are making sure she has a good diet and plenty of tlc to help her recover.

People – Belles is understandably a little shell shocked at present, she has settled well into foster and has started to relax a little and has even given a gentle wagg for her fosters. She has made great progress and loves to have a cuddle with her foster, she is happy to greet new people and is emerging as a real people dog

Can I live with children – As we have a very limted history any children will need to be 12+ and used to living with dogs

Can I live with cats – As an ex racing girl this is a definitive no and no small furries either

Can I live with other dogs ­– As Belles injuries were caused by other dogs we  feel she will be best as an only dog currently, we will consider applications from homes with other dogs provided they are experienced owners and understand she may be fearful initially.  Her foster is integrating her with other dogs and working on positive interactions

Health – Her wounds are healing amazingly and we are hopeful she will be signed off from the vets shortly.  There will be no ongoing health implications one her wounds have completely healed

In the home – Belles has made huge adjustments in her foster home, she loves a cuddle on the sofa and is clean and non destructive.  She is happy to sleep in her crate overnight with the door open,  She can jump at loud or unexpected noises but soon recovers

Out and about – Belles is good on lead, she is walked in muzzle as a precaution because of her background.  She is content to wear her muzzle and has no issues on lead.  She is a little nervous of heavy traffic and sudden loud noises.  Her foster continues to expose her to new sights and sounds

Type of home – We would like owners who are around for most of the day as Belles does like her humans, as explained with the right dog there is the possibility that she could live with another dog subject to introductions and experienced owners. She enjoys her walks and is gradually building her stamina back up, She is not a demanding dog but bonds well and is content to just be with her humans

Belles has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and is up to date with flea and worming treatment.

Potential adopters will be expected to travel to Maidstone Kent to adopt Belles

We will be in touch to discuss adoption fees should your application be successful.


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