Bruce – French Bulldog


11 Week Old Male

French Bulldog


Bruce came to us as soon as he was born because he had a cleft pallet.  One of our wonderful volunteers has hand reared him and he is now strong enough for surgery.  We are hopeful that our vets will be able to repair his cleft with a minimal number of surgeries.

Cleft’s can be notoriously difficult as the skin is prone to breaking down, it’s always a lottery as to how they will heal and if further surgeries are required.  We know it’s a lot to spend but we could never not help a dog just because it needs treatment that is expensive.  We are hoping that you will help us to raise funds for Bruce our little bouncy boy.

His surgeries will be in the region of £1000 – this will hopefully cover everything if there are no complications. A vast amount we know but look at his face, he has survived this far because he was meant to be and he has a typical tenacious Frenchie attitude that has got him this far.

Bruce is booked in for surgery later this week, we have a short amount of time to raise funds so if you are able to help it will be most appreciated.  Bruce is a gorgeous lad and we hope his surgery will go well and once recovered he will find his forever home.

Donations can be made via PayPal to – friends and family please and mark for Bruce if possible.

Direct to our account – HSBC 40 02 05 – 81481207, please mark for Bruce and drop us an email to let us know, we would hate to miss thanking anyone!

Please do not apply for Bruce yet as he has a little way to go before he will be ready to be re homed – we will update the website as soon as he is ready for re homing.  We will update you as to his progress.  Thank you for reading and if you cannot donate, please share in the hope that others can help. Thank you x