Curly Sue – Cockerpoo – UPDATED



UPDATE 10/07/2019

I write this update with the heaviest of hearts, Curly Sue had been doing great and was enjoying life. Surgery was booked for Friday and she was to be admitted tomorrow in preparation for the surgery.
In literally a heartbeat things changed forever for her, her heart simply stopped and she passed away earlier today. I cannot tell you how devastated we are, to loose any dog is devastating, but when we had everything in place and she was doing so well it is a doubly painful blow.
I have to honour and thank my brave daughter for doing all she could in Curly’s last moments, she did all she possibly could but the vets could not get her back. As a family we know what we take on when we give these dogs a chance, as a normal family it hurts us as much as anyone when we loose them.
Through our tears, I asked my daughter would you do it again tomorrow if it gave a chance to another, her answer was of course. Testament to my wonderful family who give as much as i do and sometimes more to help.
To those who have donated we will be happy to refund your donation, if you email and let us know. For those that do not wish a refund we would like to use the funds towards Bruce and the other cleftie pups surgeries provided there are no objections.
Her time with us was short, but it was full of love and fun. RIP my fluffy friend <3<3<3



Curly Sue

10 Week old Female

Cocker cross Poodle


Curly Sue has come to us as she needed some help, this stunning little lady has the most terrible heart condition that without treatment will certainly end her life.  Curly has seen a heart specialist and has been diagnosed with a Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) ,

Treatment is available and the prognosis is great with surgery.  We would like to operate as soon as possible and are currently discussing treatment options with a couple of specialists (there are two options and we would like to ensure we make right decision for Curly).

Her scans to confirm diagnosis were £400 the costs of this treatment is not cheap at all but we feel that no matter the cost every dog deserves a chance at a long, healthy and happy life.  We have been quoted  Approximately £4000 for surgery, obviously we will be exploring all avenues to ensure we get things right BUT we need your help to raise funds for her surgery.  We know there will be those that question our logic but faced with a life any life that we have the capability to save we must try.

Please help us to help Curly Sue, donations can be made via PayPal to – Please mark for Curly.  Via our FB Giving app or direct to our Bank Ac HSBC Pro Dogs Direct 40 02 05 Ac No 81481207 – Please mark for Curly Sue and let us know if you make payments direct to our account so that we don’t miss them.


We appreciate there are many dogs in need, if your not in a position to help with a donation, please do share and help spread the word.  Thank you for reading, we will keep you updated with her progress. xx