Daisy – Yorkshire Terrier – RESERVED


5-6 Year Old Female

Yorkshire Terrier

Fostered in SE28 London

Daisy is an ex breeding girl who is terrified of human contact, she will need a special home to help her overcome her fears and adjust to life as a pet

People – She is terrified of people and everything is on her terms, it has taken a long time for her to feel comfortable enough to jump up o the sofa near her fosters.  Any fast movement or loud noises and she is off to hide,  It will take patience and dedication to help Daisy overcome her fears

Can I Live with children – Her level of fear means that Daisy would not cope with children, older teenagers who understand her fears would be fine provided that they understand she needs time and space

Can I live with cats – We do not know how Daisy would be with cats but suspect that due to her fears she would not pose a problem provided they were dog savvy

Can I live with other dogs ­– Daisy must be homed with at least one other dog, she would be better with several other well balanced canine companions to help her gain confidence and to enable her to follow their lead

Health –Daisy has had a biopsy sent from a swelling on her gum, the results came back clear but we will be happy to discuss this at length with suitable applicants.  We are also happy to share her vet records

In the home – Fear is a deciding factor for Daisy, she doesn’t like to go onto the garden at night or if it is raining but she will use a training pad.  She has made progress but loud noises, sudden movements or new people all make Daisy nervous.  She will need experienced owners who are used to extremely fearful dogs and whom have the time to dedicate to helping her

Out and about – As of yet Daisy does not and will not walk on lead, this means that she is unable to go out for walks, her foster will continue to work on this with her but it will most definitely be ongoing in her new home

Type of home  – New owners will need to be really experienced with extremely nervous and fearful dogs, it would be wonderful to hear from adopters who have previous experience of ex breeding dogs.  Patience and understanding will be the key to taking Daisy forward but it will be a long term commitment and not for the fainthearted

Daisy has been neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped and has also had a full dental.  She is up to date with flea and worming treatment.

Potential adopters will be expected to travel to SE28, London  to meet Daisy.

We will be in touch to discuss adoption fees should your application be successful.

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