Daphne- French Bulldog – We will assess all applications as soon as she is cleared by vet to be re homed





8 Month Old Female

French Bulldog

(Cleft Pallet)

If you can help support Daphne’s next surgery it would be most appreciated.

Daphne had her surgery delayed as she had had a couple of fits, there was no apparent reason for this and we have continued to monitor her.  She is doing well in herself and has just had another surgery.

We are hoping that this will heal well and be the end of her surgical road trip.  We cant at this point say if this will be the case, please do keep everything crossed for this little lady.

She is such a great little girl and is a real hit with her foster family.  When Daphne is finally ready for re homing she will make a wonderful pet.

Update – 17/07/2019

Daphne has had a few set backs recently.  For reasons unknown she has had a couple of minor fits.  There does not appear to be any obvious medical reason for this and she is being monitored to see if there is a medical reason for this.

Because if the fits we have had to delay her further surgeries on her cleft, we did not want to risk an anaesthetic on her when we had no reason or diagnosis for her fits.

She has been fine for a while now so we are planning her next pallet surgery.  The issue with these types of surgery is that there is no hard and fast rule and each dog responds differently.  It’s a long road for these pups but they do cope well and it does mean she will hopefully go on to have a long and happy life eventually.

We are waiting on new pics and will update as soon as we receive them.



Daphne came to us as a newborn pup with a cleft pallet. Without our help Daphne would have died or been euthanised. We are so very lucky to have experienced fosters who dedicate their time to helping pups like Velma.

She has done well and has started her surgery. Daphne needs one more surgery, possibly two, and then, providing this goes well, she will be ready to look for her forever home.

Daphne looks cute and cuddly but she is all dog and will need new owners who understand the breed and their needs. In foster she is affectionately known as the “silent assassin” she is fun, full on and feisty. She is fine with other dogs but don’t let her stature fool you, she may be small but she is mighty! She loves people and is happy to have lots of cuddles.

She has been in foster with lots of other dogs ranging in breed and size, she is also used to cats and birds. We would like any children to be older and used to being around dogs. Daphne must be re homed with at least one other dog as she has never been without another dog.

She is, as you would imagine a full on naughty pup who will find mischief wherever she goes. She is clean in the house, for the most part, is crate trained and travels well in the car.

We will accept applications for Daphne and they will be held on file until she is ready for re homing. Daphne has been neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped and will be up to date with flea and worming treatment. She is currently being fostered in Guildford Surrey.

To register your interest in re homing and to be considered for adoption, please complete the application form below.

Home checks and set donations apply. If you have NOT received a reply to your application/email within 48 hours please email info@prodogsdirect.org.uk to confirm receipt. We DO reply to all emails we receive.

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