Digger – JRT cross Chihuahua- RESERVED


12 Month Old Male

JRT Cross Chihuahua


Digger came in as an unclaimed stray, he is a delightful little lad but despite his small stature he does have a mighty presence.  This little lad will be best re homed with another dog who is larger than him so that Digger does not try to intimidate his new canine companion.  He will need experienced owners who can continue the work his foster has started with him.  He can try to intimidate other small dogs but is better with larger ones.  He will benefit from continued socialisation in a controlled and positive way.

He travelled well in the car once he settled, he can be a little vocal initially but this is due to excitement.  Surprisingly Digger is great with cats and will be fine to be re homed with a dog savvy feline.  Due to him being so tiny most cats are larger than Digger.

He has recently been neutered so has been scent marking, this will settle down as his hormones dissipate.  Digger would like an active home where his owners are keen to continue his training, he may also enjoy scent work or agility in the future. Older teenagers only as we have limited history for him and experienced owners who are around for a good part of the day.

Digger has been neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped and is up to date with flea and worming treatment.  He is currently being fostered in Basingtoke Hampshire.

To register your interest in re homing and to be considered for adoption, please complete the application form below.Home checks and set donations apply. If you have NOT received a reply to your application/email within 48 hours please email info@prodogsdirect.org.uk to confirm receipt. We DO reply to all emails we receive.

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