Dinky – Dachshund

27th March 2019 – Update


2.5 Year Old Female


Dinky had further x rays yesterday and her leg is healing well.  She has had her x fix removed and although healing she is not yet fully fit.  We have to gently increase her exercise and ensure she does not “go mad” straight away.

She is not a genteel little girl, more of a full on beast but we love her.

Dinky has coped really well with being confined to crate even though it has meant we are currently on bed 7, boredom kicks on and Dinky decides the bed must die!! She looks so angelic laying on a cloud of stuffing that she has so expertly removed every last trace from inside of the bed.

She will be neutered next week and continue with her re hab and then we will begin to look for a home for her.  She is a tenacious little lass who will not suit all homes.  She would be best suited to someone who is around for most of the day, a home with another dog would be great, if another dachshund super as she does love her own kind.  The resident dog will need to be able to cope with Dinky being a little bossy initially, this will settle but a timid dog would not cope alongside such a forceful, fun personality.  Equally older dogs would find her too much so younger more exuberant dogs would be best, she could potentially be an only dog in the right home.  Due to her being so small no huge dogs just because her leg will continue to heal for some time and still has a pin inside.  If a larger dog where to jump on her it could potentially cause damage.

Although clean in the house she has been crated for a prolonged period so on moving accidents should be expected initially. Her lead walking leaves a little to be desired but this will improve with training, her re hab is slow controlled walking on lead which means she will make progress.

Dinky is crated at night and is clean and quiet,  she travels well in the car – again crated but is content and quiet. Dinky does not take much notice of the cats, we will assess this further as she is now having a small amount of time out of the crate each day. As long as bold and dog savvy we do not think there will be an issue but we will confirm once fully assessed.  Dinky will be fine to be re homed with older teenagers who can be cautious of knocking or stepping on her as she is under 4kg.  No small children as she could easily be hurt accidentally.

Dinky will be neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped and is up to date with flea and worming treatment.  She is currently being fostered in Aldershot Hampshire.  Dinky Update 30/03/2019

Dinky has continued to do well, in herself she is fantastic despite being confined to a crate.  We have lots of interactive feeding toys for her and she is surrounded by the other dogs and people all day so in with the hustle and bustle of life with no danger to her leg.

She has been back to the vets and we have put her on some antibiotics as her wound looked a little inflamed, better to be safe than sorry as we would hate anything to create a problem at this point.

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Dinky is a tenacious little devil who loves to demand attention from anyone and everyone, she is adorable.  I apologise for the terrible pictures, despite her leg Dinky finds it impossible to remain still for more than 5 seconds which makes getting a decent picture nigh on impossible.

Much of the same im afraid more rest and another re check in a few weeks, we will then xray and see how her leg is healing and a decision will be made on when to remove her X Fix.

Thank you to all who have donated we have covered the cost of her surgery and now we would like to raise funds to cover the next round of x rays and her surgery to remove her X Fix.  I know we have asked alot recently and we are so very grateful to all who helped with her surgery costs.  You gave her a chance and we cannot thank you enough <3 <3 <3

Dinky Update

Update – Dinky had her surgery yesterday and is doing remarkably well. She is the sweetest natured little lady who despite being very uncomfortable still wags her entire body just to let you know how happy she is.

Thank you to all that have donated so far, we really cannot thank you enough. Dinky will be mainly resting this week, she will be back to the vets next week for a check up to ensure all is going well.

We will keep you updated with how she is doing.




2 1/2 Year Old Female

Miniature Dachshund

Poor little Dinky has come to us with a broken leg, We will not go into how or why she came to us, all we needed to know was that she needed help and we would not turn her away.   She has been seen by our vets and surgery is booked for Monday 11th, as I am sure you can imagine surgery to repair her leg is not going to be cheap.  We need your help to cover the cost of her surgery, we know its a lot to ask but every small amount combined will mean this dog lives and keeps her leg, we know you will want the best for her as we do.

Donations can be made in several ways via PayPal to info@prodogsdirect.org.uk  please mark your donation FRIENDS & FAMILY for Dinky

By Cheque to Pro Dogs Direct and posted to :- Pro Dogs Direct, 4 Cole Avenue, Aldershot, Hants. GU11 1AN

Or direct to our bank Account :- HSBC – Pro Dogs Direct, |Acc No 81481207 Sort Code 40 02 05 – please mark donations for DINKY.

Dinky is a really friendly, sweet girl who adores everyone despite being very uncomfortable with her leg.  She only weighs 3.4kg so really is tiny. She is comfortable and coping really well despite everything.  Testament to what a wonderful nature this little lady has.   We will keep you updated with her progress as soon as she is out of surgery.

We need to raise £1000 – 00, if you can help at all we really would be eternally grateful, if you are unable to donate, please share as this will help us to help Dinky.  Many thanks from all at PDD.