Dusty – Cockerpoo


2 Year Old Male


Dusty is off the scale intelligent and is a very energetic and agile young man. He loves people and is very gentle, loyal and attentive. He has come into the charity through a change of circumstances and whilst his house training is not too bad, he lacks manners and a general idea of how to behave. For example, If you are not taking enough notice of him, he will jump onto your work surfaces to gain your undivided attention, whilst this does require some work he does it all with an adorable cock of the head and wag of the tail.


He is keen on the lead but very manageable and whilst he has not been in foster care long enough to establish how good his recall is, this is not anticipated to be a problem as he is very human focused. Dusty likes both men and women and is not nervous of people or situations.


Whilst he is fine with other dogs, he does display some dominant behaviour, all of which is easy to train out and manage in the right hands as his predisposition is to please and obey. It must be emphasised just what a willing participant in training he is anyone who enjoys training will find him a willing and able companion.


He sleeps well at night and will go into a crate. However, due to the breeds disposition to guarding, this is only to be used as a training aid.


It is noteworthy that he is incredibly intelligent and a dog this smart does not come along every day. He therefore needs owners who will spend lots of time providing stimulation, training and exercise. He just loves his ball and anything connected with fetching.


This is a dog with real personality and character as well as being robust, entertaining, gentle and loyal. He does not look his best at the moment as his coat is somewhat bedraggled and he is underweight. Easy fixes for a dog that loves life and loves his food. He will bond very well and will make an exceptional pet.


Ideal adopters will therefore be around most of the time. Dusty could be an only dog in the household or could be re-homed with an easy going and settled female of similar energy levels and age i.e. playmate material.


Darcy has been neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped and is up to date with flea and worming treatment.  He is  currently being fostered foster near Hastings in East Sussex.  Please go to our website www.prodogsdirect.org.uk and complete an application form.  We reply to all applications, should you not receive a response within 48 hours then please email info@prodogsdirect.org.uk and we will be pleased to assist you.  Home check and set donation applies.