Fifi – Lurcher (small)- RESERVED


12 Month Old Female

Lurcher (small)

Currently under Treatment

Fifi came to us via the stray system with a broken leg.  She has had this fixed and is doing really well, she will need to be crate rested for 6 weeks and then start gradually exercising to build her strength back up.  She is a really sweet little girl who will love to play as soon as her leg is healed.

On arrival she was quite underweight but is having regular meals often so will slowly build her weight back to normal.  At present she spends all of her time on crate rest, she is taken out to toilet and has a little cuddle of an evening.  Fifi is very accepting of this and is content and quiet in her crate (she is in with all other dogs and family around her so not isolated)

It would be wonderful if Fifi had a home waiting for her once she is fully fit and has been signed off by the vets.  She is a smooth coated girl who is a beautiful golden colour.  She will need new owners who are around for a good part of the day, owners who know sighthounds would be great.  She has been fine with the other dogs, even though she cannot interact with them fully at this time.


We think Fifi is young as she is so puppyish in her play – the vet has now said she doesn’t need to be crated providing she was calm around the house/garden and could have 5 minute walks per day, slowing building her up . Currently she has a 20-25 minute gentle walk down the bottom of our road to a green once a day and a 10 minute walk round the block in the evening – if she gets over excited, which she is prone to do, she is popped in her crate for time out and she is very accepting of this.
Fifi is clean in the house, but needs reminding to go out occasionally, so her new home will need to continue with this.
She is the sweetest girl, loving, fun, affectionate and just loves life and people!
Her leg seems fine she walks a bit stiff with it at times – but she potters around the house and garden. She is good travelling in the cat and will lay on the back seat with a seatbelt.
Gorgeous girl, someone will have a fabulous family dog.

Fifi is currently being fostered in Aldershot Hampshire.  Prior to re homing she will be neutered.  She is up to date with flea and worming treatment and has been vaccinated.

To register your interest in re homing and to be considered for adoption, please complete the application form below.Home checks and set donations apply. If you have NOT received a reply to your application/email within 48 hours please email to confirm receipt. We DO reply to all emails we receive.

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