Funds for Frank – 14 Week Old Cockerpoo



14 Week old Male


Frank has been handed into rescue as he has cataracts in both eyes, very sadly this little fella was born with them and will need surgery.  He has already been to see the specialist ophthalmic team at Optivet in Havant.  He has had a full examination and currently Frank is able to see some light and shapes due to the size of his cataracts.

He is now in foster and will remain there until his treatment has completed.  Please do not apply as we will not acknowledge any applications until he is ready to be re homed. We need to raise funds for his treatment and get him through surgery before we can even contemplate looking at homes for him.

Frank will need to have both cataracts removed and new lenses placed in his eyes, then the complicated task of administering all his drops and check ups and making sure he doesn’t shake his head or rub his eyes will begin.  It is a long and arduous road ahead for this little one but this will be his only hope of regaining his sight.

The surgery alone will cost at least £3000 for both eyes – a lot we know but he deserves the chance of sight, to condemn him to a life of darkness at such a young age would be terrible.  If you are able to donate to help raise funds for Frank we would be most grateful.    Donations can be made in several ways –

Via PayPal to – 

Bank Transfer to


Sort Code 40-02-05

Acc No 81481207

Or by Cheque made payable to Pro Dogs Direct and sent to 4 Cole Avenue, Aldershot, Hants GU11 1AN

We know it’s a lot to ask especially with Christmas looming, any amount no matter if just a pound, will make a huge difference.  If everyone that see’s or shares his post donates just £1 we would cover his bill in no time at all.

Frank needs funds – Please help and share as much as possible.

We do try to limit asking for help with funds to those dogs in our care that are really in need of assistance, we have recently had several dogs needing really expensive surgeries, we have a bill from RVC in excess of £1500 for one of our pups and that is without all routine spays, dentals vaccinations etc.  We will never turn a dog away because they need treatment but we do sometimes need your help to be able to carry on helping those in need.  Than you to all that support us with monthly donations it makes such a difference to the dogs.  We are so very grateful to everyone who helps in any way they can.



Hi All

Frank went to see the specialist to see how his eyes are getting on.  One eye has progressed faster than the other and this will impact on how he reacts to the surgery, and potentially how effective it could be dependent on reaction to surgery and strength of sight.

We have discussed at length how best to proceed and it has been agreed that we will wait and review his eyes again in a few months.  There is no rush to operate our only priority is ensuring that we do it at the right time for Frank.

For now we will close his fundraiser and hold the funds ready for when he needs his surgery – Frank will need surgery it is just when is the best time for it to be carried out.

Frank is doing well and is continuing to go from strength to strength. We will update when he have further news.  Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has donated as Frank will certainly have a bright future as soon as he is ready for surgery.