Hubert – Old English Sheepdog UPDATED


14 Week Old Male

Old English Sheepdog Pup

Apologies for the delay in updating his followers, the news at the specialist was not great for Hubert and we just needed a little time to digest things before making it public and sadly all too real.

Hubert’s prognosis is life limiting.

He has many issues and combined make it impossible to actually resolve.  The only way forward for this lad is beta blockers which will help alleviate symptoms and maintain his heart for a longer period.

His heart is already enlarged and as he grows the strain on his heart and carotid artery will increase.  Nothing can be done to fix this and we have no way of knowing how long he will remain stable for.

Currently he remains quite stable despite being underweight, we are increasing feeds little and often and will do our very best for him until his time comes.  Hubert is hopefully going to spend whatever time he has

With one of our lovely vets.  This will be the best place for him and we are keeping everything crossed that this comes to fruition.

To everyone that has donated for Hubert our deepest thanks, we will ensure that he has everything he needs for as long as he needs it.  Of course we pray for that miracle and hope that something will change but we know

Realistically this will not happen.  Hubert is currently loving life and living it to the max, we wont stop him being a happy dog but instead will let him enjoy whatever time he has with us to the full.




12 Week Old Male

Old English Sheepdog


Hubert has come to us as he was unable to be sold due to having a heart murmur.  His heart murmur is very sever and does require intervention.   We have booked him in to have a scan of his heart, this will give us a full picture as to what we are dealing with.  The initial scan will cost in the region of £500 and is the only definitive way to find out what is going on with this poor pup.

Once this has been done we can hopefully arrange whatever treatment is needed to ensure he has the chance at a long and happy life.  We appreciate that money is tight for most people but we have been really hit with so many dogs needing urgent expensive treatment recently that we need to ask for your support.

Pop over to our auction page and grab yourself a bargain whilst helping the dogs – or if you prefer you can make donations via PayPal to, please mark for Hubert.

We will update as soon as Hubert has had his scan and we know what we need to do to help him.  Thank you for your continued support, you truly make a difference to these dogs lives.

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