Jeanie – Bernese cross Border Collie


9 Week Old Female

Bernese MD Cross Border Collie


Jeanie came to us as unsold as she was not developing as the other pups had.  She is an endearing little pup who is so very sweet natured.   Jeanie is very quiet unlike most pups and sleeps for prolonged periods.  Current investigations have not discovered anything specific or any reason for why she is so quiet.

She has had a terrible tummy for a while and seems to bloat on puppy biscuits and be very uncomfortable, we are currently trying her on a complete wet food diet only to see if this helps alleviate her symptoms.  We have competed several tests which have all come back clear, rather an odd case but we will take our time to get to the bottom of Jeanies problems and hopefully fix them.

For the time being Jeanie is in foster sleeping and growing and we will continue to look at what is going on.