Joey- Lhasa Apso (cross?)



2 Year Old Male

Lhassa Apso Cross

Fostered in Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire

Joey came to us in terrible condition after being found as a stray.  Whilst he looks adorable Joey is a very complex dog who is looking for very experienced owners who are confident handling dogs that have the potential to bite and who have bitten.  90% of the time this lad is adorable but when his alter ego rises he needs experienced handling and owners who wont give up on him even in tougher times.  He didn’t ask for what he has received and we honestly believe this lad deserves a life where he is loved in spite of his difficulties.

Joey is the sweetest most lovable dog, with a stubborn streak. He loves his walks, food, tennis balls, humans and laps. Joey would need his own garden and someone home most of the day as he needs to be kept busy but he is also happy to take his ball outside and play on his own but he likes to be on the go.  He is good on a lead.

 People – Joey gets very jealous and possessive about everything in his life, his humans, his toys, his food and has no intension of sharing and will turn nasty if he thinks they are being taken from him.  Joey has a tendency to bite and sometimes without warning.  Even the people he loves.  (He is my shadow and he has gone for me now three times without warning)

Can I live with children – For safety Joey must NOT come into contact with Children

Can I live with cats – Joey cannot be near other animals inside or out of the home

Can I live with other dogs ­– He is not good with other dogs in the home or out so must be on lead around other dogs.  He will indicate he wants to meet them but he is unpredictable and may turn so best to avoid.  For safety Joey must NOT come into contact with Children, small animals or cats at any time as he is unpredictable. He will chase and will try to attack animals. (Seen with Chickens and Rabbits and a black moggy down the road)

Health –  Skin: Joey’s recent scars are healing and no further outbreaks but has lots of area’s where the skin has darkened and the inner circle has thinned but not broken but they have potential as they have not hardened same as his scars.    Due to Joey’s skin issues the area where he has the scars are very tender still so caution must taken when touching him.  He may have further outbreaks in future and these are managed with steroids.  We will discuss in detail his skin issues with suitably experienced applicants

 In the home – Joey can be vocal especially at food time, but if he wants something or he feels something is amiss he will give single yaps and stand by it. He will also bark randomly at night (others don’t wake) , He also barks when you leave him and will bark when he sees people, dogs or ladybird walk across outside.  He can be sleeping then wakes suddenly and will snap at anything around him without any reason.  He is temperamental.  When scratching his ears or licking or nibbling his feet he will growl and bark at them. Joey food guards

Out and about – Joey enjoys his walks and has great recall, he is only ever off lead in a secure area and where there are no ther animals around.  He is an animated litle fella who enjoys life just on his terms.  He would like to find a home with owners comitted to living with Joey long term

Type of home –  What can we say, if you have read all of his information and reached here then we would love to hear from you!  Joey is going to be a huge challenge to his new owners but the progress he has made is amazing, there is still a long way to go and we hope we can find suitable caregivers for the rest of his journey.  He shouldn’t be condemned because we have no way of knowing what he has endured or why he is the way he is. Joey is difficult but his behaviours are not insurmountable in the right home, we just need to find that home for him.  Joey would need his own garden and someone home most of the day as he needs to be kept busy but he is also happy to take his ball outside and play on his own but he likes to be on the go.  He is good on a lead.

Joey has been neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped and has also had a full dental.  He is up to date with flea and worming treatment.

Potential adopters will be expected to travel to Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire to meet Joey – several visits may be needed.

We will be in touch to discuss adoption fees should your application be successful.

Apply to adopt me!
Apply to adopt me!