Leaving a lasting legacy

Having an up to date, valid will is the most important thing you can do to protect your assets and make certain your wishes are carried out.  This ensures your loved ones benefit exactly as you want and, if you wish, also enables you to leave a gift for those causes close to your heart.

At PDD, we are always grateful to be remembered in this way.   Leaving a legacy to us is a way of ensuring we can continue rescuing and rehoming dogs in the future.  It means we can achieve our charity’s objective that no healthy dog is ever destroyed.  Your memory will live on through your legacy for our work.


The Difference Your Legacy Makes:

No gift is ever too small and we are honoured to be considered worthy of a legacy.

  • £100 will help us cover basic vet fees
  • £500 will help us to pay for more complex health needs
  • £5,000 will enable us to save the lives of dogs who needs urgent, extensive or ongoing treatment

Types of Legacy:

  • Pecuniary – a gift of a fixed amount
  • Specific – a gift of a defined item
  • Residuary – a gift of what remains in your estate after all other legacies and liabilities have been paid.
  • Life Interest – you leave the benefit of an asset either the income or use of the asset to someone for their lifetime and then the gift passes to the ultimate recipient.

Your Will:

It’s important to update your will throughout your lifetime to reflect changing circumstances, such as getting married or having children.  If you are making major changes to your will, it is often better to make a new one to ensure your changes are clear, accurately reflect your wishes and don’t invalidate the existing will.

If you wish to make a minor change to your will, such as adding or removing a pecuniary legacy, this can easily be done by way of a codicil.  This is simply an addition or amendment to an existing will.  You may wish to ask your solicitor to draft thee codicil for you to ensure it is legally valid and doesn’t cancel any other part of your will in error.

How to Find a Solicitor to write your will

We cannot specifically recommend any particular solicitor, but you can use the following links to find one in your area:

  • England and Wales, go to lawsociety.org.uk, or call 0207 242 1222.
  • Scotland, contact the Law Society of Scotland at lawscot.org.uk, or call 0131 226 7411.
  • Northern Ireland, contact the Law Society of Northern Ireland at lawsoc-ni.org, or call 028 9023 1614.

There are also other ways of making a Will such as on-line and through free or discounted will writing services provided by some organisations. A solicitor has the expertise to ensure your will accurately reflects your wishes and is legally valid. They can offer sound advice and explain signing and witnessing formalities which may vary in different countries of the UK.

How to Include Pro Dogs in your Will:

Pro Dogs Direct – Registered charity no: 1115647

4 Cole Avenue,



GU11 1AN

As we are a registered charity, leaving a legacy to PDD could also make your will more tax efficient and potentially reduce inheritance tax and other liabilities for your beneficiaries.


Disclaimer: the above information is for guidance only; it is not a substitute for professional legal advice and should not be relied upon as such.