Merlin – Minature Dachshund



7 Week Old Male

Mini Dachshund

Update 12/09/2020

Merlin has continued to astound and amaze us, we truly did not think that this little lad would still be with us, yet here he is.  Yes he is always going to have some issues but equally the progress he has made is astounding and in a relatively short space of time too.  We have all the time he needs to allow him to continue to make progress until hopefully he is well and able enough to be re homed.

As many of you will know he underwent surgery at almost 4 weeks old to remove his eye.  At this time he was unable to feed himself or stand because of additional neurological issues which were quite severe.  This little man now is able to feed himself and does so continually, he likes to have a play and romp around.  Merlin does tire easily but he is still only a tiny baby so it’s understandable.

At this stage we do not know if Merlin’s remaining eye is fully functioning, he does sometimes, well actually quite often, bump into things.  He does still have quite a severe head wobble but he copes and he copes well.  Even at this stage we cannot say for sure where he is heading or what his journey will be.  What we can say with our hands firmly on our hearts is that he is here and he is trying every single day because you all cared enough to give him a chance. Our heartfelt thanks go out to each and every one of you.

Merlin will be having another check up with the vets shortly and we will let you all know how he gets on.  xx


Tiny Merlin came to us as an emergency, he had struggled with what appeared to be neurological issues.  He also had an issue with one of his eyes.  When he came in it was very evident that the eye condition took precedence over any neurological issues.

Thankfully our vets saw him straight away, we were advised that surgery was extremely high risk and it was doubtful that Merlin would survive given his poor state.

Merlin was operated on 18th August and thankfully survived his surgery.  He had an abscess behind his eye that was placing pressure on his head and eye from the inside.

Our vet operated as quickly as possible and removed the eye and cleaned out all of the infection.  He was very stable overnight and managed to eat well, surprising us by waking and shouting when he was hungry.  Merlin has a long road ahead and we do not know at this point if Merlin will continue his journey with us, all we can do is support him and hope we have done enough to save him.


He does have some neurological issues, he is very wobbly and has a definite head shake, but that said he has managed to eat, stand and have a wobbly walk.  When we rescued him we had no way of anticipating what his costs would be but we do know he will need further investigation and treatment before we can find his ideal forever home

Please support us by donating what you can to help us continue to save dogs in need of urgent treatment like Merlin.

Thank you



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