Mia – Crossbreed – RESERVED



12 Month Old Female

Crossbreed (Poodle??)

Mia came into rescue as a young pup, she had issues with her rear legs and one front leg is shorter than the other.  Mia also only has half a bottom jaw, she really is a mixed bag genetically but we think adorable with it.  Due to her being so young we had to wait until she was sufficiently grown to fully assess her and then make a decision as to her Treatment plan.

She has been regularly assessed and it has been decided that to operate could potentially cause more issue for Mia than it would resolve.  Her back hips and patella’s are rotated  and with her front leg being shorter means her exercise options are severely limited to  play within the home and garden with being carried or dog pram outside of the home.

Mia would not cope with formal walks as it would just be too much for her, please do not be fooled into feeling sorry for Mia as she is a tenacious girl who loves to play.  Outside of the home she presents as nervous and can be a little snappy with other dogs, this is a fear based reaction and she soon settles and loves to play.  Mia must be re homed with at least one other similar sized playful dog, she cannot be re homed with old dogs as she would be too much for them.  She does currently live with cats but will chase, a nervous cat would not cope with her clumsy attempts at play.

She travels well in the car and is clean and happy in her crate overnight.  Mia can still have the odd accident in the house, usually if its cold or wet outside.

Mia is looking for a home that understands her mobility needs but can also accommodate her sassy side that loves to play all day.  She will need new owners who are around for a good part of the day and she is fine to be re homed with older sensible children who will play with her in the home but also understand she will not be able to be taken out walking.

She has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and is currently being fostered in Aldershot Hampshire.

To register your interest in re homing and to be considered for adoption, please complete the application form below.Home checks and set donations apply. If you have NOT received a reply to your application/email within 48 hours please email info@prodogsdirect.org.uk to confirm receipt. We DO reply to all emails we receive.

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