Peppa – French Bulldog – NOT READY FOR REHOMING


Peppa 14 Week Old

French Bulldog


Unfortunately due to lockdown Peppa’s surgery had to be delayed.  Thankfully she has now had her first surgery and as you can see from the picture she is doing well so far.

This new photos was taken on the day she arrived home, it shows just how resilient these little pups are.

The repair went well and was without issue, the hardest part now is waiting to see if and where the repair breaks down.  Because the repair is in the roof of her mouth, normal eating and drinking cause the repair to breakdown.  All we can do is limit as much as possible the damage that is caused.  We hope that natural healing starts before the breakdown occurs so that the wound has a chance to start to repair.



Peppa was born with an open cleft palette and has been tube fed from birth every two hours, then weaned onto dry food so that nothing gets stuck in her cleft.  Peppa has gone from strength to strength and it is hoped that her surgeries will be successful.  We know that it is a difficult time for all but we need to raise funds for Peppa’s surgery.  We currently have over 20, 000 followers – just £1 each would enable us to make a huge difference to so many dogs lives.  We currently have many dogs in that require ongoing expensive medical treatment.  We cannot turn them away, your donation will mean we can continue to help at this difficult time.

Donations can be made via PayPal to – please donate as friends and family, please mark for Peppa’s Pallet. We appreciate your support no matter small your donation, it truly does make a difference when we all unite, from little acorns mighty oaks will grow.  In this case from a tiny broken baby a feisty Frenchie will emerge ❤