Sheldon – Hermanns Tortoise- RESERVED


7 Year Old (Estimated) Male

Hermanns Tortoise

Fostered in Aldershot Hampshire

Sheldon came into rescue after his owner’s relationship sadly broke down. He was on the wrong diet which is slowly being corrected however he still needs encouragement to eat the correct weeds and flowers. This is ongoing and his diet will need good and stringent management.

People – Sheldon likes people but will puff to let them know when he is not happy

Can I live with cats – Provided care is taken to ensure Sheldon is not harassed by the cat

Can I live with other dogs ­– Dogs would be ok provided Sheldon had a secure area where the dogs do not have access to him

Can I live with children – As long as supervised well there should not be any issues

Health –  No known health issues.

In the home – He’s currently housed in a planter that was turned into a tortoise table for him, he has a brand new heat bulb and UV light fitted,  the heat is attached to a thermostat to ensure the correct temperatures for Sheldon at all times.

His current “table” will go with him however we would like his new owners to be able to offer him a secure heated outdoor enclosure full of enrichment.  Sheldon is a happy little tortoise and loves exploring his enclosure he is a tad clumsy, so he needs checking on several times a day to ensure he has not got himself stuck or overturned.

He likes to chew on his cuttlebone which helps keep his beak short, he does occasionally need his nails cutting, rocks in his enclosure help to keep those worn down as well. All rocks placed in his enclosure need to be big enough to ensure he doesn’t eat them. He has Calcium powder dusted on his food 5 times a week and Nutrobal sprinkled on it twice a week.  The Tortoise Table is a great website/app so you know what is safe to feed him flower/weed wise.  Sheldon must have Reptisafe added to his water.

Out and about –Hibernation- Sheldon has never been hibernated as we are not experienced in doing this, if you are and feel confident in doing so great, if you’re not please do research before attempting to, if done incorrectly the results could be fatal.  He would need a vet visit before hibernation to ensure he is healthy enough.

Type of home –Experience in tortoise owning would be great however all applications would be looked at thoroughly to ensure the home we choose is the best home possible for him, if you’re not experienced please do as much research as possible before deciding whether or not to apply as there’s lots to learn about these little creatures.  Tortoise Community UK offers plenty of great advice and guidance.   Please also be aware tortoises can live 50+ years and are quite a commitment.

Sheldon has been microchipped and treated for parasites 

Potential adopters will be expected to travel to Aldershot Hampshire to meet Sheldon.  His current enclosure can be dismantled for travel

We will be in touch to discuss adoption fees should your application be successfully shortlisted.

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