Tigzy – Miniature Schnauzer (Not Ready for Rehoming Yet)


2 Year Old Male

Miniature Schnauzer

As you can see poor Tigzy arrived with us in the poorest of conditions. Let down and left to suffer in the most terrible way.  We were so shocked to find out this lad is just 2 years old, on arrival he was like a broken old man, driven mad by his incessant itching.  Tigzy has Sarcoptic Mange, easily treated if not left to reach such a terrible stage.

He has been so very good, suffered all the bathing, having all his scabs gently brushed off, removing all his gunge encrusted fur to allow us to reach his skin and hopefully give him some relief. When we agreed to take on Tigzy we ordered in huge stocks of skin treatment to help ease his symptoms.  He has been a model patient with the very sweetest of natures.  So very tolerant of all the treatment despite it clearly being so uncomfortable for him.

His condition is contagious so for some time he has been relegated to solitary and only handled with gloves on, he is now in with the other dogs – all other dogs are on preventative treatment and risk is now minimal, he is a social little lad and has had no issues with any of the dogs at all males included.  We cannot castrate him until he is fully clear as we do not want to place any further stresses on his system when he is already clearly compromised.

Tigzy is on every supplement known to man that will aid his healing and he will go back to vets later this week for a further skin scrape to check levels/clearance of mange.

This boy will make an amazing companion when he is fully fit and ready to be re homed.  We will continue to update with his progress and will let you know when he is ready to be re homed. He is a great lad despite costing a fortune in creams, lotions and potions oh and of course gloves so we could give him lots of fuss as he really does deserve it.  He has a vast wardrobe of coats to keep him warm as he really is a baldy boy bless him.

Onwards and upwards for this adorable boy now.