Trigger – Ex Racing Greyhound


4.5 Year Old Male

Ex Racing Greyhound.

Fostered in Abbey Wood, London

Trigger is an adorable lad but life has not always been kind to him, he is an ex racing lad who received an injury and was sold to a family who wanted to help him have a better future. Unfortunately he was not the right fit for their home and so he has come to us to find his forever home.

People – He can be nervous initially but is making good progress and coming out of his shell, his confidence will be ongoing in his new home although the progress he has made already is huge.

Can Live with children – Due to limited history any children would need to be older teenagers used to dogs.

Can I live with cats – Trigger must have a cat and small furry free home due to his racing past and must be muzzled when out on walks.

Can I live with other dogs ­– He will be best re homed with another similar sized dog, a female sight hound would be wonderful.  No small or fluffy dogs though due to his racing past.

Health –Trigger is in good health but does do best on a blander food, his foster will be happy to discuss this with any suitable applicants.

In the home – Trigger is experiencing his puppy hood after living life as a kennelled dog, his house training is coming on well but the odd accident may be expected initially due to change.  He is a little bit of a chewer, again because of his kennel life he finds everything very new and exciting.  He is being crate trained to ensure he does not cause any damage when left.  Training is ongoing, again he is making huge improvements as you would expect from a dog who has only ever known  kennels.

Out and about – He is adjusting well but must be walked in a muzzle due to his life as a racing greyhound.  Trigger is used to his muzzle and it is the norm for him so causes him no concerns when wearing it.  He enjoys a walk and is getting used to all the sights and sounds of life outside of kennels.

Type of home  – A home with experience in sight hounds would be great, owners who know and love the breed will understand that life is all so new to him at the moment and sometimes a little scary.  Patient and calm owners who have the time to develop and build his confidence would be wonderful.

Trigger has been neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped and has also had a full dental.  He is up to date with flea and worming treatment.

Potential adopters will be expected to travel to Abbey Wood, London  to meet Trigger.

We will be in touch to discuss adoption fees should your application be successful.


Apply to adopt me!
Apply to adopt me!